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Belt Boy by Kevin Lueshing

As Told to Mike Dunn

“Powerful” Luke Dunn 

“Outstanding!!” Miriam Smith

“Compelling reading. Couldn’t put it down. Reminded me of “Raging Bull”. Read it.” Michael Gruber

Kevin Lueshing’s tears fell freely as he lifted boxing’s coveted Lonsdale Belt. Weeping openly at ringside, Lueshing had just won the fight of the year. But his tears were not tears of joy. They were the stain of a sinister secret he had kept hidden for a lifetime. The former British champion was living the dream. People called him The Look’. But behind the glory and the glitz, Lueshing’s innocence had already been butchered, his hope crippled and his soul shattered. For the first time, he has rediscovered the strength and courage of a champion to tell his harrowing story. The Belt Boy is a completely true account of a brutal life kept hidden. Shocking, explicit, traumatic, Kevin’s autobiography exposes a hideous crime and its utterly devastating legacy. He writes: I risk being judged, but I never want anyone to suffer what I went through. That is my motivation for writing this book. Kevin’s account of childhood abuse is truly shocking and disturbing. Like a true champion, he has displayed incredible strength and bravery to reveal the horrific ordeal he suffered. His book needs to be read so we may all stay alert to this evil crime – NIGEL BENN

KEVIN LUESHING s a former boxer who was British welterweight champion between 1996 and 1997. During Lueshing’s career he fought for world titles, winning the IBO World welterweight title in 1996. Following his own spate in the boxing ring, Kevin worked as a boxing agent for the likes of Nigel Benn.