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Every year there is a new buzzword… Gender equality, diversity, sustainable or vegan. There’s always something that becomes extremely popular amongst the mass of society.

For a while now the buzzword has been female empowerment, something which has been an on going movement for as long as I can remember but with each decade that passes it is executed, enforced and celebrated in different ways, aligned with the time we are in.

We decided to make the theme for London’s BIG READ 2019 Female Empowerment as it is important to contribute to a matter that deserves to be highlighted and recognised by the wider society. A large amount of people hear female empowerment and it makes them think of angry feminists rioting or trying to chain up any man they can find… I overhear conversations, see the way people respond but, female empowerment is so much more than that, it consists of much more. You are going to have the extreme feminists that are fighting for women not to be harassed or cat called when walking down the street but, that isn’t the only thing to shout about. There is genital mutilation, the pay gap, body image, mental health, the standard of beauty, intersectionality… the list could go on. We want to put a spotlight on all of these things, open up discussion between someone who is a true feminist and someone who barely knows much at all, get the whole of London involved and paying attention.

What do you do to empower women? The women around you, the women sat next to you on the tube? What do you do to empower yourself? We all need to spend some time thinking about how we could contribute and do more to move society forward and uplift ourselves and each other.

Take a look at the books that have been shortlisted for this years London’s BIG READ, see what resonates with you. We are a couple of weeks away from launching the vote – for you to vote for who you want to crown the winner of London’s BIG READ 2019.

Also check out our events page to see what great events we have coming up!

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